Happy Canada Day

It’s Canada Day today, and we closed down the bricks & mortar. I think we legally had to, but it’s also nice to take a day to rest and celebrate this country we live in. Actually, we didn’t really celebrate this country or toast Canada, but at the same time, it’s pretty great that our country has so many freedoms and privileges that its citizens and those that live here can just take a day and enjoy life.

We didn’t do too much, although we did a bit of cleaning, housework, packing up some online orders in the morning and early afternoon. We called it a day earlier than usual, and headed out for a stroll.

We took a walk through East Chinatown, which was pretty quiet, I guess for the holiday. It’s along Gerrard and Broadview, walking distance from the shop if you’re ever stopping by. At the very least, you can pick up an egg tart for the TTC ride home.

Normally I walk through during the work day to pick up groceries or Chinese buns for lunch, but we had the time to stop by Andrea’s Gerrard St. Bakery, where we picked up a carrot cake to celebrate the holiday.

We made it all the way to Riverdale Park where the baby played a few games of peek-a-book by himself, and then proceeded to eat some grass when he thought no one was looking.

We made it home, had dinner and put the baby to bed, and enjoyed our carrot cake. I couldn’t ask for a better Canada Day, and the fireworks haven’t even started yet.

We’re back to business tomorrow again (although I think I just said that yesterday), and we’ve got a few things we’re pretty excited about. TWSBI announced the release of their ECO model, which is going to be a less expensive piston filler fountain pen. We’re hoping for that around the end of July. August will be bringing the new 1670 J. Herbin Emeraude de Chivor ink, and we’re hoping for another shipment of Blue Midoris this summer as well. We’ve got a few new products coming in, and a few surprises, too!

Hope you all had a great Canada Day 🙂

(Or a great fourth of July weekend coming up! Did you know there are one or two Americans following this blog??)

8 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day

  1. Tim Parris

    Happy Canada Day to all three of you! Glad you took some time off to enjoy yourself this holiday. (Though I noticed that you, being self-employed like me, also did some work!)

    1. Wonder Pens Post author

      Unfortunately, we’re not doing pre-orders! Sometimes with newly released products the supply isn’t what we ordered or expected, or we might even get some damage to the products in transit – I think we’re getting some good stock, though 🙂


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