Giveaway! Bleu Ocean, Stormy Grey & Rouge Hematite

I hope you’re all enjoying this beautiful weather! The long winter seems like a distant dream/nightmare and I hope you’re wandering around outside in shorts and a t-shirt, and maybe getting some ice cream. In our new neighbourhood, Leslieville, there’s an ice-cream shop on Queen that always seems packed with people, and even a few dogs waiting longingly outside, but we haven’t tried it yet. One day, soon enough!

Jon and I are really enjoying the new space and also the new neighbourhood! I think we’re both a little sad to think about all the old regulars who lived around the corner from 906 Dundas West, and who came by to pick up an ink or a notebook but who would stay for forty-five minutes to shoot the breeze, but it’s also been a lot of fun to meet some East enders. A few people from our building, which is mostly commercial units, have stopped by to introduce themselves, and we’ve had a chance to meet some people who just live in the area. In fact, our building faces a large residential building, and we’ve had a few neighbours who have just seen us out their window, and who have come by to say hello!

Being a fountain pen shop and hanging out with people who use fountain pens all day, it’s been interesting to tell people-not-yet-initiated-into-this-wonderful-world that we sell inks and fountain pens and stationery. You’ll be pleased to know the response has been really great! Maybe because there are a lot of graphic designers and creative people around here, but instead of the “People are still using those old-fangled gadgets?” I sometimes expect, we’re getting a lot of “Wow, that’s super interesting! I’m so glad to see that there’s still so much interest in writing and these kind of tools!”

Before we moved, Jon and I discussed a few promotions and giveaways to help celebrate and publicize our move. Well, things kind of got away from us (no kidding), but we’re still celebrating!

We’re giving away a bottle of the newly released Bleu Ocean, as well as a bottle of Stormy Grey and Rouge Hematite.

Giveaway from Wonder Pens Stormy Grey Bleu Ocean Rouge Hematite

These gorgeous inks all have sheen and sparkle, and are perfect for letters, greeting cards or anywhere you need a little bit of excitement in your life.

1. Leave a comment on this blog post. Say hello, which of these three inks is your favourite, how you’re enjoying the warm weather, or whatever you like!

2. Shipping within Canada only.

3. Comments welcomed before Friday, June 5th, 2015 at 11:59 pm EST. Winner, selected randomly, will be announced on Saturday, June 6th. The winner will have three days, until Tuesday, June 9th at 11:59 pm EST to contact us.

Have a great weekend πŸ™‚

228 thoughts on “Giveaway! Bleu Ocean, Stormy Grey & Rouge Hematite

  1. Phuong Ma

    I’m excited to see the new shop in person! Although I am a bit sad that it is now even further away from me

  2. Sherianne & Kyriaten

    Roses are Rouge
    Violets are Bleu
    Like Ancient Stone
    In Toronto today
    It’s Stormy Grey
    A gale springs up
    As we approach
    this Night
    Kitten and flowers
    are curled up tight
    Listening to Mystic Chords & Sacred Spaces
    Welcome to the Near East!
    May The Sun Be With You!

  3. Zanovia Agar

    Greetings and Salutations to Jon, Liz, and Everyone!
    The Great Prairie Outback (Brandon, Manitoba) is home and pen and inks can be a tough find- but not totally impossible. I may been around the world twice but to Toronto only once! If I ever get there I will make it a priority to visit your brick and mortar store! Only recently have I discovered your on-line shop and, like others have mentioned, we are fortunate to have a pen shop like Wonder Pens in Canada. I haven’t yet tried any of the J. Herbin inks but I’m leaning to the blue and/or grey so YEA!! thank you so much for the opportunity to potentially win one! Calligraphy is where my heart used to be and it’s finally time for the long awaited revival.
    Congratulations on your new space and I wish you all the best penning! Happy, happy, joy, joy!

  4. Jeff Reindl

    Congrats on the new shop and thanks for your speedy shipping on my order.
    If I am ever in Toronto I will definitely stop by.
    If I had to choose It would have to be the red to go with our summer sunrise and sunsets here in Sidney BC.
    Enjoy your new space and thanks for keeping pen and ink alive.

  5. Ev

    Congratulations on your new location. I wish I was close enough to visit but the trip from Kelowna to you is quite a long one (care to open another location???). I’ve had my eye on all three of those inks and any one of them would make me very happy. I’ve been quite intrigued by the Stormy Grey, though. One day… πŸ™‚ Anyway, I wish you all the best in your new location.

  6. metwin1

    Hello! Never tried the new formulated Bleu Ocean, but I love both the rouge hematite and the stormy grey. I like the storm grey better though. As for warm weather in Toronto, well, what warm weather? πŸ˜‰

  7. Nina

    Hurray for STORMY GRAY ! But I’ll take any J. Herbin ink.

    It’s time I let you know how much I’ve enjoyed following the Adventures of J,L,S + Little C . The photos of you all and Maria made me sad – how wrenching it must have been to leave behind this dear friend. I suppose it’s what happens when you tag along with someone else’s life: you share the good, the sad and the renovations.

    Thank you for putting so much time and energy into the blog. How do you manage it??? Your photos make my day especially if they’re of Super and Caleb. Though I loved the avocado and fried egg sandwich as well.

    Does Caleb ever NOT smile? He looks so wise, he could be a guru.

    Thanks for all that and this chance to win.


  8. Karen Hooker

    Stormy grey all the way! Is the new store puppy friendly? Curious to see the shop, even though I never saw the old one (Boomer was in charge of in-store pick up)

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  10. Roland

    Hello! I like the sound of storm grey… Could be my favorite because I don’t have a grey ink yet. I’ve been enjoying the warm weather out in my yard with my longbow. One of the perks of non city living!

  11. Chris

    I love the bleu ocean, reminds me of summer on vancouver island, deep blue flecked with gold. spring has been glorious, spent the weekend in Vancouver wandering around downtown and walking the sea wall at Stanley Park.

    I’ve still got Pilot Iroshizuku Ku-Jaku in my Safari, but I’d love to switch it out for the summer with some J. Herbin inks.
    Thanks for running the contest, good luck with the new place!

  12. Joseph Wong

    I was lucky enough to get a sample of the reformulated Bleu Ocean from the States. I love this reformulated ink with the gold sheen. The blue is a nice, saturated blue, leaning toward indigo. It would be quite appropriate even in most work environments. Flow is nice, drying time is very reasonable.

    Btw, congratulations on your new space.

  13. Greybabylove

    Hi guys! I’m so glad I found your site! Finding good pen and ink sellers in Canada can be a challenge. I had my first fountain pen oops last night, with Diamine Pumpkin everywhere! My hands were orange but now they are pink for some reason haha. I think my favorite 1670 ink is the stormy grey. I’ve got so many blue inks which get boring, and I don’t use red very often. Anyways, thanks for giving the opportunity to win some great inks! Cheers!

  14. Brandon

    Can’t wait to come check out the new space, congrats on the move. It’s nice to see shops like yours flourishing!

  15. Thomas Robinson

    Wish I were in the GTA, would love to the see the shop… I have a sampler of the grey on my desk right now, haven’t gotten my pen cleaned out yet to try it. Friend also got me a sample of the blue so will try that next I see him as well… so… can’t pick a fav yet. πŸ˜€

  16. Jonathan C

    Hey and congrats on the new store!! If I am ever in town I will be visiting!
    Still waiting for the things to really warm up out West but enjoying the days as they come! Would love to try out the Stormy Grey! I blame the cloud cover we have today! If you asked me yesterday then it would have been Bleu Ocean! Cheers and take care!

  17. Claudia Harrel

    Hi. I’ve been unwell all my 71 years. But oh, the hours happily lost in the enchanting world of pens and ink and paper! I like the Bleu Ocean best but love all three colours. They remind me that inside the dark days there’s still joy and sparkle to be found. Best wishes for your new enterprise and your beautiful family. Claudia

  18. Susan S.

    Congratulations on your move. I look forward to visiting on my next visit to Toronto. I’ve been very curious to try either the Stormy Grey or Bleu Ocean.

  19. Lorne Strachan

    Rouge Hematite! The name is almost enough but ‘Stormy Grey’ is kinda cool too. I love the SG but we get so much grey in Toronto my vote goes to RH for its lovely shades of bright colour highlighted with flecks of gold. On a dreary day between November and March it’s comforting and hints at a brighter future around the corner.

    p.s. The west end’s loss is the east end’s gain. I’ll be walking up from the Beaches some day soon to check out the new store. Loved the old one and never went away empty-handed but it required making a special trip.

  20. Alexandre Boily

    Bonjour de MontrΓ©al!

    We have… warm weather? I guess? Anything can happen anytime of the day. At least the herbs and peppers I’m growing are healthy and flavourful! They’re quite enjoying the rain we have.

    I received my order last Monday. Tremendously enjoying the TWSBI with Blue Eel!

    I can’t get enough blue. More blue. Bluuuuuuuuue πŸ˜€

    (Meanwhile, I need to get some of my girlfriend’s Stormy Gray…)

  21. Josh Nelson

    Greetings from the west coast. As the weather warms, I shall be escaping for a little boating adventure. A Bleu Ocean ink would suit well for post cards from the sea.

  22. ochatea

    Hello Jon, Liz, Caleb & Super!
    Thanks for doing such a great giveaway πŸ™‚ My fave… thus far, is Stormy Grey, purchased from you guys. Haven’t tried any of the other inks, so I’d love to get my hot little hands on it.
    No plans for the summer, it’s been a cloudy few days in Vancouver.

  23. Albert

    Congratulations on your new location! I always goggle at the bleu ocean and how it leaves a beautiful finish πŸ™‚ The weather where I am at is a little cloudy but perhaps the sunshine is just around the corner.

  24. Yorgle

    Congratulations on the move! I don’t live in Toronto so I can’t visit the new store, but I’m definitely looking forward to placing another order!

  25. wayne

    Wishing you all the best at the new location!
    See you in July at the calligraphy class.


    Stormy Grey

  26. Adam M

    Congratulations on the opening of the new place. The bottle of ink I bought from the old location is still going strong, but I can’t pass up a chance to try these out. Stormy Grey appeals to me the most, but all three look fantastic. All the best to you and your family.

  27. Joe

    Can’t wait until I’m in Toronto to drop by and see the new shop. I am so excited for you guys and am glad that we have a great Canadian option for our addictions πŸ˜›

  28. Catherine

    Hi! I love this line of inks. There is something very romantic about them, in a tall, dark, and brooding kind of way. If I had to pick one ink I’d have to go with Rouge Hematite. Can’t wait to see the new store (hopefully sometime this weekend).

  29. Chris

    First off, congratulations on successfully moving in to the new place. Unfortunately I couldn’t come visit on opening day but I will for sure be dropping by more often now that the store is closer to where I live.

    I haven’t tried any of the three inks yet, so I sure do hope I win this giveaway!

  30. Win So

    Went to the old location, but excited to visit the new one as well!

    I love the Stormy Grey πŸ™‚

  31. Janella

    Went by the new shop earlier this week and bought my very first fountain pen πŸ™‚ Thank you to Jon for being so patient with me as a novice (and slightly naive) new calligrapher – having no idea about pens or inks! Also went home with some Noodlers Ink and a wee Rhodia dot pad. Thanks so much for the wonderful service. I had such a great experience! Will definitely be back soon for more goodies! Hope that y’all will get some more calligraphy supplies soon!

  32. Samantha

    Hi! I’m very tempted to make a trip to Toronto just so I can visit a real Fountian Pen shop! If you ever opened a store in Saskatchewan then I’d be your number one customer.
    If I had to pick my favourite, I’d say Bleu Ocean – it reminds me of the colour of my grad dress. I’ve never tried any of the three though!


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