A Trip to the Supermarket

One of the things about running a bricks & mortar is that we work through the weekend and get Monday off, which means Monday is our chore day. Calling the tax man, getting the old Civic lubed up, adventures to the grocery.

One of Jon’s favourite things in life is Chinese roast pork, and so this Monday, we gathered our wits about us and headed out to T&T, our favourite Asian-flavoured supermarket. This place can get pretty intense on the weekends (no kidding), but it’s a bit calmer on a Monday.

If you live in Toronto, and have never been to T&T, you are missing out. Jon and I are the definition of third culture kids, but I don’t think we could survive without the occasional visit here. I suggest you consider the mango-flavoured Melona. And the fresh coconut bread. And stop by the dim sum and get some deep-fried squid. 

Doing anything with this baby is an adventure.
Frozen dumplings? Hilarious!
Sacks of uncooked rice? Delicious!

This kid cracks me up. What an amazing way to get through life.



T&T9  T&T2  T&T4  T&T6

I gotta tell you, this baby is all about attacking life and having a laugh, but when he fades, he fades fast.

11 thoughts on “A Trip to the Supermarket

    1. Wonder Pens Post author

      Haha, thank you! Although I sometimes think he’s getting better at looking like he’s just a bundle of joy in front of other people, and then he’s busy grabbing Super’s ears and banging his toys around at home! Haha 🙂


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