Chinese New Year Celebrations

Jon and I wanted to share some celebration at Christmas, but we kind of got caught up with all the holiday excitement. I guess I had a little too much eggnog…

However, Chinese New Year is fast approaching! Now, me and Jon are necessarily, you know, like REALLY Chinese…we’re more like “mmm…dim-sum…” Chinese, but Lunar New Year is sort of a big deal for a lot of Asian cultures, and we thought we’d help celebrate.

In preparation for this, with Jon gallantly manning the fort/shop, the baby cocooned in my coat, off we went for a field trip, in the bitter, bitter cold to China town. And let me tell you, it was cold.

photo 3-1 photo 2

Lots of old Chinese ladies peering into Caleb’s face (and Caleb peering right back), lots of interesting smells, lots of red decorations for Chinese New year, lots of crazy Chinese herbs that I know nothing about.

photo 1-5

…all to gather supplies. And here we go: for orders placed between now and the end of day on Chinese New Year, Thursday, February 19th, we’re going to include a small, surprise treat! Just include “Happy New Year” in the comments. Unfortunately, this is available for online orders only, so we have time to prepare. If you’d like to place an order for in-store pick-up, you can do that as well, but give us a few days before you stop by!


And just for fun, this is from after we got home and unfroze. Here’s Super, the dog, pretending like he doesn’t care that we didn’t include him in the sweet potato fun. Happy New Year!


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