More Price Increases – the USD/CAD Exchange Takes Another Bite

I know we just had a price increase, but there is more bad news ahead.

The CAD – US exchange rate is just terrible. For products that we import from the US, where we purchase in USD and as well, where we also have to pay additional international shipping, duties, and import fees, we have to raise some prices.

Price Increase

We always try our best to be as competitive as we can. We have never been interested in becoming the absolute cheapest place to buy everything, but we have always strived to offer  fair value to the best of our ability, and reasonable given the additional costs of importing goods from the US or abroad.

When we first started carrying some of these products, the CAD was almost at par with the USD, which was an enormous factor is how we initially priced. We can certainly weather a storm or two, however, we cannot continue on indefinitely at this exchange. The exchange rate has been

Please consider using this Currency Converter from the Bank of Canada to get an idea of how our prices compare to the US.

We will be holding off on increasing Noodler’s and Platinum prices until the spring when more inks are going to start coming in, but we will likely need to increase prices on those when the weather warms up.


Lamy is distributed in Canada by LSF Group, however, they’ve asked us to increase our prices. I think these prices are going to be requirements country wide, so all Lamy retailers are going to be asked to meet these prices at the very least. I think new prices for most retailers not currently meeting these requirements will be changing over the next few weeks.

Price Increase2


Price increases are never popular, but unfortunately, there is not much we can do in this case. We apologize for the turbulence and instability of our pricing over the last few months, but the exchange especially has been brutal for small businesses importing from south of the border.

This prices will take effect Wednesday, February 11th, 2015.

8 thoughts on “More Price Increases – the USD/CAD Exchange Takes Another Bite

  1. Ken Cavers

    I have to second that. Keeping prices in line with the changing dollar is necessary if you are going to stay in business, and we want you to stay in business! Nice to have a Canadian distributor with great service!

    1. Wonder Pens Post author

      Thank you for the support! We are certainly going to try our best to stick around 🙂

      …and I’m still waiting for your list to open up so I can get my own taste of those beautiful handmade pens!! 🙂

  2. Dorothea

    Hi WonderPens – thanks for the info on the price increases, it certainly makes sense and we want you to stay in business!
    A question – will you be carrying the black Lamy Al-Star? I’ve heard it’s back in production.

  3. Paul Doiron

    I fully understand the need for such increases. Your prices are quite reasonable under the circumstances, and I wish you continued success.


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