Shop Update: Back in Stock


We’re finally beginning to get the shop back into order after the holiday hustle and bustle. We’ve had a lot of items out of stock since the Christmas rush, and while it’s not too unusual to have a few items out of stock or backordered, we really had some empty shelves.

We finally got a big order of Noodler’s pens, Ahabs and Creapers in particular. Konrads are still backordered, but we got some new colours of both Ahabs and Creapers to make up for it.

We’ve also got a re-stock of Leuchtturm notebooks! We didn’t, however, receive any of the dot hardcover due to some big changes in the distribution of Leuchtturm for North America – Kikkerland will no longer be distributing this line of paper. Unfortunately, the remaining stock was it, and while most of our notebook stock has been replenished for the time being, I’m not sure about the details for the new distribution of Leuchtturm.

Some of you may be waiting for other products, and we’re working on it! Over the next few weeks, we’re hoping to get mostly everything else back in order. And we’ve got a few exciting things in the works too… !


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