10 Thankful Things for this Thanksgiving


1. A Monday off to clean out some pens and the excitement of new colours back in.

2. A Rhodia 80th Anniversary giveaway coming up – more details to come in a week! 

3. The Toronto Pen Show. The anticipation of meeting people we’ve only gotten to know digitally, new pens, and practising restraint

4. A sleepy baby.


5. The dream of a Vac-Mini.

6. A neat stack of thank you cards and letters waiting for the mailbox.

7. Customers (and delivery people!) who still remember me even though I’m not in the shop everyday 🙂


8. Inks and inks and inks coming into the shop as we prepare for our wintry deep freeze.

9. J. Herbin’s Stormy Grey Anniversary Ink coming soon – the end of October, fingers crossed. And…Jon, who has promised I can keep a bottle.

10. A dream that has turned into a family business that is actually paying the bills, feeding the dog, and keeping all my pens inked up.


2 thoughts on “10 Thankful Things for this Thanksgiving

    1. Wonder Pens Post author

      Thanks for reading – and your kind words! It’s wonderful to be a family business, and we know that it’s the support of our community that makes it possible 🙂


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