Shop Update & News


We missed our own one-year anniversary! I know, I know – we need to get organized! It was kind of cool and embarrassing at the same time that our customers were saying hello and congratulations on a year in business, but we were so busy it just flew right past us. We will be having a contest to celebrate the one-year of our bricks & mortar shop, so stay tuned for that.

Lots of things are coming in. We have just restocked most of our inks – for a while there it felt like all I did was get covered in static-charged Styrofoam peanuts while counting bottles and bottles of ink. However, for the most part, we do have most of the inks we regularly stock actually in stock.

We just got our shipment in of Midori Traveler’s Notebooks and refills, which some of you have been waiting for, and have some new Pilot fountain pens on the shelves. We had some new things planned for the spring, but it’s just been so busy that things have gotten pushed back a bit.

Most of you have heard the rumblings of this already: there will be a pen show in Toronto! More details can be found here. It will be taking place on November 2nd at the Toronto Reference Library – another great institute you should support! Likely you readers of this blog are already big supporters of local business, and supporting our local pen show is a way to help our “local pen scene” grow. I think you’ll be seeing some pretty cool vendors and pen people. However, we ourselves (Wonder Pens) will not actually be there to crash the party because…

We are expecting a baby in the fall! The official due date is September 2nd (also, the first day of school! look at that planning from a former school teacher…). We’re not sure yet what all will happen with the business – it may mean a change in our store hours, or you’ll be seeing Jon’s handsome mug around the shop a little more – but for the most part, things will hopefully continue to roll on wheels.

We’ve also moved much closer to the shop – it’s been nice to be able to go home for dinner, and then come back to pack up some more packages or re-stock.

To sum up! Lots and lots happening, and more to come. We’ve got our eye on a few new brands and a few new lines. We’re running out of shelf space, which is very exciting.


4 thoughts on “Shop Update & News

  1. Ruth Martin

    Congratulations, both on the shop anniversary and the upcoming baby! Thanks also for the heads-up on the pen show, since I hadn’t heard about it – I shall mark it on my calendar (with a fountain pen, of course).

    1. Shivaan de Silva

      So much exciting news! Baby on the way, one year anniversary, pen show in Toronto, ink restock!


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