Inks Back in Stock from Noodler’s

Our first Noodler’s order of the year!

Here are the inks that are now back in stock:

Apache Sunset
54th Massachusetts
Bernanke Blue
Bernanke Black
Dragon’s Napalm
Polar Black
Polar Blue
Dark Matter

Sorry – no Black! We did have it on order, but there were some stock problems from our distributor. If you’re looking for another colour that’s out of stock, bear with us for a few more weeks. If it’s one that we carry regularly, it should be on one of our next two orders.

This was a small order as I wasn’t sure about temperatures this week dipping below zero overnight, but as it gets more consistently warmer, we should be getting more and more inks back in stock!

Looking forward to Private Reserve, J. Herbin, Sailor and others coming soon! 

8 thoughts on “Inks Back in Stock from Noodler’s

    1. Wonder Pens Post author

      I think our Canadian Diamine distributor is getting their inks in from England (and of course had to wait for the cold weather to be over), and then will be organizing shipping to their retailers. They’re also located in Calgary, which I think is a bit colder than here in Toronto 🙂 No news yet about timing!


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