Shop Hours – Closing on Mondays


Happy Monday!

It’s with some trepidation and excitement that we’re announcing that the brick & mortar will be closed on Mondays starting in April – Monday, April 7th. The rest of our store hours will stay the same:

Tuesday to Friday 10 – 6
Saturday 11 – 6
Sunday 12 – 5

We are so pleased to say that we’re continuing to grow and we’re excited for the spring as it will bring with it new inks and new brands and some surprises in store.

While we’d love to have longer shop hours to be more convenient for those of you coming from farther away, I think closing on Mondays will help us serve you better by making sure things, both in shop and online are running as smoothly as possible.

We’re finding that we need a bit of time to catch up on weekend online orders and to do some in-store inventory checking and re-stocking. We’re hoping that this will also be a good time to keep up with the blog and get new products up on the site.

If you’re lonely on Mondays, you can always visit our site, blog, Facebook, Twitter or our brand new Instagram account!

2 thoughts on “Shop Hours – Closing on Mondays

  1. bob

    Hope you see Star article on cursive writing. Good opportunity to gain recognition in the school system. Brand new market!


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