Price Increases

This is always a tough subject to discuss. Increasing prices is never popular, and we do hear quite often how customers feel we compare to US retailers in prices, whether they think we’re doing well….or not.

Sometimes we do hear that our prices are reasonable or comparable to the US, but often this does not take into consideration the exchange rate, international shipping, or customs & duties fees. It means if someone is selling online in the US for $10, our price should also be $10 to be comparable, but I hope you discerning shoppers can also tell that this is a bit of a fallacy.

Some companies have distributors in Canada, and for those companies, prices stay the same for us – these include Lamy, Rhodia, J. Herbin, Pilot.

However, many of our brands come from the US, including TWSBI, Noodler’s, Private Reserve, Sailor. For a while now we’ve been eating a lot of the difference in the dollar. With the exchange rate changing now, though, this isn’t something we can keep up long term.

We’re going to increase some prices as of February 20th, 2014. We are increasing prices to accommodate for the exchange rate, which is now around 1.1 CAD to 1 USD. Please know that we are doing our best! When you compare us to US retailers, for some brands, we additionally often have to pay international shipping rates, customs & duties fees, and our own exchange rate losses. These are things you would have to pay for if you were purchasing as a consumer from the US as well.

We are still keeping our $7.00 flat rate shipping, and free shipping over $100. If you have shipped with Canada Post, you know that we are also absorbing cost in the flat rate shipping fee.

This means, if you’ve been thinking about something, you have a week at these prices before they increase. Unfortunately, if we are out of stock of something you’d like and you cannot place an order before February 20th, 2014, we cannot hold the lower price for you until it gets back into stock.

TWSBI (I know! I’m sorry…I’m sad too…)
580, Mini, Classic with EF, F, M, B Nibs – from $50 to $55
580, Mini, Classic with 1.1, 1.5 Nibs – from $55 to $60
Vac 700 with EF, F, M, B Nibs – from $65 to $70

Kaweco (We get Kaweco from a new Canadian distributor, but with a new distributor comes some new prices for us)
Classic Sport Fountain Pen – from $23.50 to $26
Pen Clip – $2.70 to $3
Al-Sport Fountain Pen – from $74 to $78

Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions. I know price increases are not popular. I hope you will still like us anyways.

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