Private Reserve Sonic Blue

When we first picked up Private Reserve, we asked for some feedback on what colours you’d like to see most. With all our lines, we mostly grow slowly and hopefully organically, picking up colours or products as they’re requested. I remember someone said we should get all of the blues because they’re all beautiful. They were right.

Review of Private Reserve Sonic Blue Fountain Pen Ink with a TWSBI Mini

Private Reserve Inks are among our most popular inks in the shop. They have a few popular non-blue colours (Black Cherry, Avacado, spelled to differentiate itself from the fruit, Tanzanite), but by far the most popular colours are shades of blue.

Electric DC Blue, Naples Blue, DC Supershow Blue, these are some of the most vibrant and popular blues we have in the shop. They’re super saturated and some have sheen, and they just pop.

Private Reserve Sonic Blue, however, is not one of those bright, bright blues, and not one of the blues Private Reserve is best known for. Maybe its name is a little misleading, because it’s definitely not Sonic the Hedgehog blue.

When I first swabbed it, it looked a bit murky, like a foggy blue, and I thought it might be a little dull. However, its swab does not do it justice.

Writing Sample of Private Reserve Sonic Blue Classic Blue-Black Fountain Pen Ink

The writing sample is with a TWSBI Mini and a medium nib on Rhodia 80gsm paper (standard pads).

It’s actually a bit closer to a classic blue-black with some grey in there. It’s similar to Platinum Blue-Black, or Rohrer & Klingner Salix. While it’s not permanent or water proof, it’s also not quite as dry as Salix, and it shades beautifully. This is the sort of colour of ink old diaries or letters were written with.

As beautiful as the bright, saturated blues are, I have a thing for good shading, and less attention-grabbing kinds of ink. It’s a true indication of being written with a fountain pen, and makes it look more interesting. And because Sonic Blue is a less saturated blue, there’s quite a bit more shading.

Handwritten Excerpt from George Orwell's Essays with a Fountain Pen

Close-up of writing sample – look at the shading!

It’s well-behaved – not really any feathering or bleed-through on standard copy paper, easy to clean. Not too saturated, so dries fairly quickly as well. Great for the office, while still standing out just a bit.

Sonic Blue is a great blue-black or standard blue kind of ink, with shading and great behaviour. It gets overlooked a bit for its flashier neighbours, but it’s an old-school blue ink. Subtle and classy.


3 thoughts on “Private Reserve Sonic Blue

  1. Koshka

    I just filled my Namiki with Private Reserve in Tanzanite. What a lovely deep purple it is! Really liking it, may have to get a few more colours…

    1. Pyxra

      Speaking of purples, I’d love to see one of these ‘ink profiles’ for R+K Scabiosa. That’s an interesting ink!


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