New Year’s Giveaway 2014

With the new year come new year’s resolutions. It’s a fresh start! A field of untouched snow! A new teacher in September! A gym membership! All good things yet untarnished by life.


Only the truly resolute are able to break through on their own – for the rest of us, we’re offering some handy organization tools as our first giveaway of 2014. We hope these will help you meet all your goals, or at least help you organize a bit.



1. Kaweco Al-Sport Fountain Pen with Pen Clip in nib size of your choice.
2. Milltown Pen Case in Mustard.
3. O-Check Hardcover Journal
4. Life Japanese Stationery B6 Grid Vermilion Notebook.
5. Quo Vadis Minister Agenda.

(Total retail value: $164.50)


To enter, leave a comment below naming one of your new year’s resolutions. Bonus points (and maybe a bonus surprise!) for imagination or outrageousness.

This contest is only for people who are cheerfully suffering through Canadian winters, or at least pretending to (you must be a resident of Canada). We will only ship within Canada.

The contest closes midnight EST January 7th, 2014. Winner will be announced on the 8th, and will have until January 14th, 2014 to contact us with pertinent shipping information. Otherwise, we’ll just keep all these goodies for ourselves, or maybe try giving them away again.


105 thoughts on “New Year’s Giveaway 2014

  1. Ali

    My new years resolution is start using fountain pens. I don’t like ballpoints as they require pressure. I learnt how to write with a fountain pen and continued until I was 11. It will be good to get back to my roots and move forward with a part of my history.

  2. Clara Ho

    My New Year’s resolutions are to do one good thing everyday and to find some perspective. And, of course, to catch up on my written correspondence. Happy 2014 everyone.

  3. Andrew Campbell

    My New Years resolution is to stop eating baked goods!Goodbye pie, muffins, cookies, brownies, and cake; all my closest friends :(. I can’t get rid of bread altogether. So, baked goods is a good start. I’m also on a quest this year to find the perfect red and blue FP inks, not an easy task!

  4. Rick from London

    I resolve to get back to using to do lists. I imagine it looking something like this:

    To Do List
    1. Make a To Do List
    2. Check off first thing on To Do list.
    3. Realize you already have accomplished two things on your To Do list.
    4. Reward yourself with a nap.

  5. Kris

    Aside from the usual resolutions (which always include learning how to cook, rededicating myself to the gym, being more organized and continuing to fill up all of my awesome notebooks with witty words in lovely shades of ink), one of my resolutions is to re-discover my city through fresh eyes and experiences. Instead of spending my money going somewhere far-flung and exotic, I’m going to vacation-at-home, pretend to be a tourist, and see how a visitor would perceive this amazing city. There might even be a blog in it for a few lucky readers. 😉 Happy New Year, everyone, and may the resolve stay strong!

  6. Kevin

    This year, I am going to:
    1. Write up that short story I had in mind
    2. Snowboard more (season permitted)
    3. Try fancier ink colours

  7. Ankit Bhardwaj

    New Year’s Resolution: Really it is to move away from the drudgery of gel based ball-points to the hand smearing naturalness of the fountain pen. I really miss the days coming home when a blue hand, knowing a day’s work was one. But maybe modern pens don’t leak as much.

  8. Sarah Coenen

    My news year’s resolution is to find some pen pals to hand write letters to. My husband is in the Air Force and will be leaving for training next week, so he’ll be pen pal #1! My boys and I move to our new base in Feb. so I can write some postcards from the bayou; now I just need a fountain pen to do so. All the best for your 2014!

  9. woollyllama

    The first half of 2013 was kind of miserable for me, with my first real Canadian winter, first time living alone, and academic troubles among many things keeping my from being my happy usual self (growing pains, really :P). Fortunately, things got much better over the past few months.

    My goal for 2014, then, is to keep my spirits up. To explore my new home. To discover some new hobbies. To enjoy life and participate in it fully, not just to spectate. In twelve months, I want to have something to reminisce about. See y’all then 🙂

  10. Keiji

    My New Year’s resolution is to not buy any more fountain pen ink until my currently supply is finished. LOL. Yes I know the resistance is futile. Let’s see how long that will last. Darn you Wonderpens. This resolution would be much easier if you weren’t in a driving distance and have great service and price. 😉

    Ok another resolution that is probably more attainable. To be at my target/ideal weight of 60kg and get back into shape.

  11. jill

    1) Loose weight – what new year could be stated without that one?
    2) Cut down on garbage. Sort of a companion to #1 but more general.
    I also hope to be more mindful of what I do and don’t do this year – part of the war on sloth.

  12. akismet-3868d1747624a89ab1b197de81bb2b2d

    My resolution (apart from the usual, ‘go to gym’) is to try mixing my own ink colours from Noodler’s Navajo Turquoise, Shah’s Rose and Yellow inks. Apparently these are specifically designed to work together, and they just happen to be from a cool brand that you guys carry. I was reading about this at the link below, and someone has already done the hard work figuring out the right ratios for lots of cool colours. Great for art.

  13. Melissa

    I would like to focus on having more real conversations (talking rather than texting, twitter, fb etc) with friends. I would also like to do one charitable thing per month. Food bank donation, time at a soup kitchen, that kind of thing. I’m still trying to work that out – it doesn’t have to be big, but I’d like to do something.

  14. Alexia

    My resolution is to overcome 15 years of disorganization from ADHD, and then work on becoming an electrician apprentice in the northeast corridor. Writing has been one of the most important tools in organizing my life, I love my silly little platinum peppy.

  15. knirth

    My new year’s resolution is to knit myself a sweater and to be able to refill my fountain pens without leaving behind evidence on my hands.

  16. Stephen Lee

    My parents asked me the same question and I responded in the most egocentric way possible, I said, “I want to pass another year of university.” It never occurred to me, until now, that my other family member’s new years resolution was for the family, not just themselves. My dad responded, “I hope I still have my job by the end of the year to take care of my family.” My mom’s response was, “I will call my son (me) more often to let him know I love him.” Now I realize how “greedy” my resolution was and I feel really bad for it.

    My revised new year’s resolution is to help other people as much as possible, whether it’s my family member, my friends or some stranger. I just love the warm and fuzzy feeling of giving instead of receiving, especially when I receive a thank-you as a reply.

    Happy Belated New Year!

    1. Peter Blair

      I certainly will create more drawings and art with pen + ink!
      Nothing better to capture the excitement, beauty and drama of people and places around me. And so unobtrusive… People love a sketch or drawing, photos are intrusive…
      hmm I wanted to leave a drawing and can’t ..see some at

      Best wishes to all and to all..a Good Pen!

  17. Lee Munro

    This year I resolve to be more patient in life, be a better listener, and not buy any more pens. Well, the first two at least.

  18. Shelley

    My New Year’s Resolution is to enter more contests like this one. I’m hoping to have a little more luck this year, and what a way to start by winning such a lovely prize. Just think of how many more contests I could enter, if I only won this pen. “GO SHELLEY, GO SHELLEY, GO SHELLEY”

  19. Danielle

    To journal and doodle every day is the resolution of the year!

    A pen coupled with paper can serve as a powerful life tool.

    The act of writing accesses the left brain, which is analytical and rational. While the left brain is occupied, the right brain is free to create, intuit and feel. In sum, writing removes mental blocks and allows one to use all of one’s brainpower to better understand oneself, others and the world.

    And journaling may provide the cheapest therapy one will ever get.

    Happy Journaling and happy New Year!

  20. Moe

    I started an Art Journal and an Artist’s Journal last year but have not been consistent in writing in the journals.

    I have started an art journal to keep notes about art I’m working on or might want to create later which includes visual inspiration as well as thumbnail sketches.

    To write once a week in my journals is my resolution.
    I would prefer to do this on a daily basis but I am being realistic with the expectations that I place upon myself!

  21. zippy

    I’m going to rehabilitate my legs so I can start walking with a cane and get out for sketching trips. I’ve got a list of places a mile long that I want to visit and if I exercise every day, I might be able to make this happen. I’ve got paper, I’ve got pens, now I just need strong legs and I’ll be ready to go!

  22. Mel

    I have three resolutions this year:
    1. Read more books!
    2. Practice calligraphy on a regular basis
    3. Find employment so that I can buy more pens 😉

  23. Gord McIntyre

    My resolution is to use my fountain every day, start a journal and write more quickly to generate enough heat to keep the ink from freezing. (Near Ottawa)

  24. akismet-3868d1747624a89ab1b197de81bb2b2d

    Apart from the usual (go to gym, etc.), I have a pen-related resolution this year:
    I’d like to get into mixing my own ink colours using Noodler’s Navajo Turquoise (Cyan), Shah’s Rose (Magenta) and Yellow (Yellow…). Apparently these colours are designed to be used that way, and you can make an infinite range of inks. Pretty cool.

    Someone else has already done a lot of the hard work:

  25. Paul

    My resolution for 2014 is to substitute a warm smile in those situations where I’d rather be delivering a “stink-eye.” My plan “B” resolution is to write more letters, instead of using e-mail, so that I can help keep Canada Post in business!

  26. inlovewithjournals

    I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. But I have set myself a challenge on my blog: to see how long I can resist buying notebooks, pens and ink in 2014. I have quite a stockpile and I want to focus on writing this year, more so than on accumulating the tools for writing. And I want to be grateful for the beautiful writing tools I already have, some of which came from Wonder Pens! 🙂 Happy New Year everyone. Thanks for being so generous Jon and Liz.

  27. Diane

    My new year’s resolutions are:

    1. To wake up every day with a positive, fresh outlook on life; freely forgiving myself and others
    2. To hit the road whenever I can, absorbing new experiences and new places, meeting new people
    3. To try Kaweco fountain pens – scary, but I love writing instruments and paper, why not try something new for a change – Liz and Jon, I’ll pop by the shop and check them out!

  28. Romano Klomp

    I would like to enter for the 2014 prize draw. Resolutions usually never materialize. I made a decision to work a 90 day plan in conjuction with my goals both short term and long term. I have never made goals so I am really looking forward for 2014 to be more productive than past years. Winning the prize pack would really enhance the experience……Happy New Year everyone!!!

  29. Christian Wiens

    My ny’s resolution is to break out of my brand loyalty to lamy! I believe there are other pens worth trying.

  30. David Ketler

    My resolutions are to:
    1. Cycle more: my CAAD10 is lonely
    2. Practice both my calligraphy and cursive, as they’re both no good
    3. Do more programming and tech projects I want to do

    Basically, making time for what I love and try to focus on the fun things.

  31. Andy

    I really need to start working harder and bring my marks up so I can get myself into Software Engineering at UWaterloo. Also, I need to reduce the pressure I put on my hand when writing papers/tests/exams so I don’t end up having problems with my arm before going to university. I am thinking of getting a fountain pen but not sure if it will actually help.

  32. Alicia

    The teacher who taught me cursive writing laughed when she found out I had become an artist; my cursive was so bad that she took the news as a joke. So in honour of her good sense of humour, my new year’s resolution is to post more art to my blog.

  33. JTuckerman

    I can’t remember where this quote comes from but someone, near the end of their life, was asked what they’d do differently if they could live it over again. One of their changes would be to spend more time barefoot. At first that sound frivolous, but think about it: if you’re barefoot, you’re almost always in a good situation. So I resolve to try and spend more time barefoot. This resolution also has the benefit of having procrastination built right into it because there is no way I’m going to enact this one until this winter loosens its icy grip.

  34. Isaac Jones

    My resolution is to finally lose those 25 pounds, and replace it all with muscle….or just learn to write better…that seems easier..


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