The Best & Worst Things About Being Your Own Boss in a Pen Shop

Taking a hiatus from your “real job” and starting your own business can be a bit of a risky thing. However, people wouldn’t be doing it if it weren’t for a few perks of being your own boss.

Pro: You get to try all the new inks and pens and toys out first.
Con: None.

Fountain Pens from Pilot, Platinum, Jinhao, Palomino, Serwex for testing at Wonder Pens in Toronto

Most of the pens in the “tester tray” have been filled and tested by yours truly.

Pro: When you and your business partner/husband disagree, you usually win.
Con: When you’re wrong, your husband doesn’t say anything because he’s a nice guy… but you know he’s thinking “I told you so.”

Recycling Packaging Peanuts for Shipping

You know I’ve just unpacked a shipment of inks when there are Styrofoam peanuts clinging to the walls.

Pro: You can take your lunch break whenever you feel like it.
Con: You can only feel like it when there’s no one in the shop/no new shipments to unpack and count/no restocking needs/nothing to do.

Pro: You can keep candy and treats in secret places.
Con: When the only other person who works in the store eats them first, it’s pretty disappointing.

Balancing Boxes in the Back Storage Room

Pro: You have a back room full of inky things and notebooks and pen things.
Con: It’s almost impossible to find what you need in under 10 minutes because things are balanced precariously on top of each other. Also kind of dangerous.

Pro: You get to choose the playlist.
Con: Listening to the same playlists over and over can drive you crazy.

6 thoughts on “The Best & Worst Things About Being Your Own Boss in a Pen Shop

  1. Harry Devlin

    Liz, do you have a “broad” nib for my small TWSBI pen? Surprisingly I really like the broad nib you put on my larger TWSBI last week. Please let me know.

    Thanks Liz,


    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Laike

    That looks unpleasantly dangerous. I’ve been nailed in the head by falling boxes before, it hurts. A lot. Hopefully nothing too heavy is in there!


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