Milltown Pen Case

These Milltown Pen Cases by M.N. Davis & Son are handmade in Brooklyn, New York – we just got them in a couple of weeks ago, and they’ve attracted a bit of attention in the shop, where you can pick them up and hold and feel them. You can’t quite do that online, so here are a few more pictures and details about the case!

Milltown Pen Case in Nutmeg Brown

I know some people don’t like their pens knocking about together since it can give your fountain pens a “patina” of scratches and wear off the polish, especially if you have one that you really treasure. But if you don’t mind your pens getting cosy, the Milltown pen case is a great option.

Different colours of Milltown Pen Cases available at Wonder Pens in Toronto

From left to right: Waxed Cotton in Nutmeg, Sailor, Mustard, Waxed Cotton in Slate, Railroad, Waxed Cotton in Olive

The Milltown pen case is one of our larger cases, and often artists, students, or people who like carrying a lot around will like these. It’s not just longer, it’s also wider – a bit more “3D” than the “2D” flat pen cases – so they will hold quite a bit.

Fountain Pens in Milltown Pen Case

Comfortably hold several pens at once!

Both cases also have an additional layer with a lining, adding some protection if you’re tossing this into your bag or purse. The different lining on the inside is one of my favourite features of the case, since it shows the care in having two different materials in the case.

Size Comparison of Life Leather Pen Case, Delfonics Flat Pen Case and Milltown Pen Case

From top to bottom: Life Leather Pen Case, Delfonics Flat Pen Case, Milltown Pen Case in Waxed Cotton – Nutmeg

It measures 24 cm across, about 8 cm high when sitting, and about 5 cm deep – but these measurements are a little loose since it’ll depend on what you fit inside.

One of the advantages of the larger pen case is that they fit the Palominos! These long pencils, especially unsharpened, don’t fit in any of our other cases. T

Handmade Pen Case from Milltown in Brooklyn

Long enough to fit even unsharpened Palominos!

The waxed cotton cases (Nutmeg, Slate (grey) and Olive) have a slightly thicker, stiffer feel to them than the regular cotton cases (Mustard, Railroad and Sailor), but both have a quality feel to them with a heavy duty zipper and stitching. The waxed cotton case is also a little heavier at 84 grams, as opposed to the 54 g of the regular cotton case.

The stiffness of the cases will wear in with time, and, especially as they are super durable, will last a long, long lifetime of good use.

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