G. Lalo Verge de France Paper Review

G. Lalo Verge de France Ivory A5 Tablet.

This is the perfect paper.



Well – it is the perfect paper if you like paper that has some texture to it, as opposed to, for example, super smooth Rhodia paper.

But in my opinion, this is the perfect paper. If I could afford it, I would use this paper all day for to-do lists and doodling. As is, I mostly use this paper for letter writing. This paper is truly wonderful to write on. So if you have a friend or family somewhere afar, this is the paper you use.

George Lalo began making stationery in Paris is 1919 and established his exclusive paperie among France’s elite and royalty. The company continues to make the highest quality social correspondence paper today.


Excerpt from George Orwell’s essay “Why I Write”

This paper is not the paper to be using your ball-point pens on. It is the ultimate fountain pen letter writing stationery, both because it’s such high quality but also because it handles fountain pen ink so well. It’s a bit thicker, and you can tell just by touching it that it’s great paper.

I tried my hand at the FPR Dilli Flex nib (which I’m still learning to write with) because this paper can handle a larger amount of ink without feathering or bleeding. Sailor Jentle Grenade is an ink that shades beautifully and can even have a sheen in the right conditions.

This paper helps on the dry times of inks because it’s fairly absorbent, which it manages without any feathering. With my Dilli Flex nib, and most likely because I’m not quite writing properly with it, there was a bit of railroading.

IMG_2734 IMG_2737 IMG_2746

It’s 100gsm, comes in tablets of 25 sheets in either A5 or A4 size with matching envelopes also available. The paper finish has textured grid lines that give you the slight resistance when you write. According to their website: Verge refers to the grid of parallel translucent lines (“vergeures”) that was formed in handmade paper as the sheets were laid to dry (the origin of the term “laid finish.” However, the paper is no longer hand-made today.

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