J. Herbin Orange Indien Ink Review

J. Herbin’s Orange Indien is one of its most distinct colours
IMG_2569with its orange elephant logo on its trademark “D” bottles.  Some people using fountain pens might shy away from the bright colours and stick with the blacks and blues, but this is an ink that might change your mind.

The writing was done with a Serwex 362 on Rhodia 80gsm paper.


In general, J. Herbin inks are high quality, reliable inks. They are easy to clean, don’t bleed or feather too much, good flow, their colours are attractive. This writing sample was on Rhodia 80gsm paper, and there was zero feathering or bleedthrough on this paper. I even use this ink to mark tests on my school’s budget copy paper without too much problem.

IMG_2652This orange is one of my favourite oranges – not a bright, brilliant, flashy orange, but a more muted, rust-coloured orange. When I first got it, I thought it might be too dark, but I liked it as soon as I started writing with it. Its darker orange shade seems a little classier, a little more sophisticated. There’s also no problem reading the writing with the contrast against the paper.


Orange Indien is one of my favourite oranges just because it is a little bit darker and deeper in the orange hue, warm and fall-like. It’s a crisp colour, no matter what pen I write with. This ink shades quite well, and I’m disappointed you can’t quite see it in the close-up unless you look really hard. Its shading with a fine or medium nib pen (as opposed to a flex or italic) is one of those subtle things that adds a little complexity to your writing.

The one thing I have a hard time with on the ink is using the last of it from the bottle. Should you ever get to this stage in using a whole bottle of orange ink, you can always get a syringe to get the last drops to use in an eyedropper.


As well, it might be a little too exciting for the office, but every office needs a little spice once in a while.

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