Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen with Platinum Red Ink


Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen – Clear and Red

The Platinum Preppy is probably one of the most common starter fountain pens, mainly because of its price. It’s simple, easy to use, writes easily and quickly, not you’re generally not too worried about banging it up.

It comes in a bunch of different coloured caps/nibs (all with a clear body), and right now we carry Black, Blue and Red in M (0.5). It’s good for new writers, kids, just to play around with or as a back-up. If you’re an artist or someone who likes to have a lot of different inks going at the same time, you want to get a few of these.


Platinum Preppy disassembled

The Preppy is a cartridge/converter fountain pen, and comes with one cartridge in the colour of the nib. One downside to this pen is that it only takes proprietary refills – so a Platinum converter or Platinum cartridges.


Platinum Red Ink in Bottled and Cartridge Form

Because this is such a low cost pen, many writers choose not to get the converter, which actually costs more than the pen itself. If you want to use different ink, you have two options:

1. Use a syringe to refill a cartridge (make sure you rinse it out well first!)
2. Convert the whole pen into an eyedropper. For this, you will need to get some silicone grease to put around the threads.


Platinum's Seal Mechanism

Platinum’s Seal Mechanism

One nice feature for this pen is that it comes with a seal mechanism that keeps your pen from drying out for longer periods of time. When you put the cap on the pen and it clicks into place, you can see the extra inner cap press onto the spring, ensuring a double seal.

All of the pens come with a clear section so you can see the feed, and the nibs match the caps.


Close-up of Platinum Preppy Feed and Nib


Writing Sample – Platinum Preppy Pen (M) with Platinum Ink on Rhodia Paper

The pen writes smoothly and evenly – a great nib for the price! It’s a steel nib that actually writes more smoothly than pens much higher in cost. New fountain pen users may find this pen easier to write with as it seems to have a larger “sweet spot” to get the ink going.

It might take a minute or two to get the ink through the feed to the nib when you first insert the cartridge, but after that, it has good flow without any issues.


In all, this is a solid pen in value and writing quality. If you’re not sure about fountain pens, this is the place to start.

If this pen does really well for you, you might consider the Platinum Plaisir as your next step – it has the same nib and feed system, but an aluminum body rather than plastic.

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