The Beginning of the Beginning

…of what we hope is a long and exciting journey.

The first of our shipments have begun arriving! We have currently placed orders or begun discussions with several companies, and the first three have arrived. It’s been a learning curve with UPS and getting through customs with brokerage fees and duties.

We are putting Private Reserve ink (US), Sailor fountain pens and ink (Japan) and Rohrer & Klingner ink (Germany) up on the site now. While you can’t actually buy anything yet – we haven’t quite launched the site live – you will be able to on April 17th. We’ve set this date in anticipation of the some of the other products we hope to have soon, but some of our orders are coming from pretty far so they might not be up on the site by launch.


The following ink colours are available in Private Reserve, all in 50mL glass bottles except the Invincible Black:


Gray Flannel
Shoreline Gold
Rose Rage
Ebony Purple
Fiesta Red
Naples Blue
Midnight Blues
Spearmint Green
Ultra Black-Fast Dry

Invincible Black (60mL)


The following colours are available in Rohrer and Klingner inks, available in 50mL glass bottles:


Blau Permanent
Leipsician Black

Iron-Gall Scabiosa
Iron-Gall Salix

And as well, we’re carrying three colours in the traditional drawing ink – not meant for fountain pens – for technical drawing, calligraphy or dip pens. They come in beautiful, large glass bottles and are available in: paynesgrau, bordeaux and ceresschwarz. 


We are also carrying Sailor products.


In fountain pens, we have the Reglus, Professional Gear Slim and Professional Gear in black, grey and orange. We don’t have nib sizes available for all pens, but we do have at least one of each of their seven nibs sizes available.

In Sailor inks we have available in 50mL glass bottles:


and the two:

Carbon Nano Black (also available in cartridge)
Carbon Nano Blue-Black (also available in cartridge)


We are expecting to get some paper and a few other fountain pen brands in soon from Germany, Japan, the US, China and India.

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